Devcon Security - I need to cancel my security service.

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The phone number I have for Devcon customer service is wrong. It takes me to ADT

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Devcon Security - Incorrigable! Ripping off senior citizens!

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In 2012, Devcon (later combined with Monitronics and Pinnacle) showed up at the door of my (then) 83 year old mother's home in Colorado. They sold her an elaborate security system with an in-home video monitoring system that ANYONE could easily pull up on line and see my mother puttering around her house.

We were able to cancel the contract and I have the signed documents in my possesion. I discovered this week that Monitronics has been debiting my mother's checking account ALL THESE YEARS!

Now that I have taken over her finances this abuse/theft is discovered.

I stopped payment and will pursue legal action. SHAME ON THEM!!!

Reason of review: Rip off!.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Devcon Security - Conned and trapped in ridiculous contract

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I signed up with Devcon & was told it was a 1 year contract, last year they sold to Monitronics, which has terrible service. 2-1/2 years later I am moving and I call them to cancel service & they're telling me it was a 3 year contract?

My old account information is in storage so I need to verify that but it makes me mad. I'd never have knowingly signed a contract for any service for 3 yrs - just not practical these days. I asked the guy at Monitronics if I could "buy-out" of my contract at a discount & he said no that I was stuck.... AND they will not stop monitoring the house until the contract expires - even though I sold the house and I warned the new owners to NOT use Monitronics.

How do they get away with that and no county permit??

I don't know how companies get away with this kind of mentality. I have home security and I don't even own a home!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1343426

I'm gonna say:Always read your contracts before you sign them, and insist on changing anything that you can't live withIn my limited experience, alarm installation and monitoring contracts are aggressively exploitative beyond belief. I'm still looking (it's been a few weeks).I know this was three years ago ... I hope you had a good resolution to this problem.

Dallas, Texas, United States #784666


I'm very sorry to hear about your recent customer service experience and I would like an opportunity to resolve your concerns. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

I can be reached at 1-888-758-5900 from 9:30 am -6:00 pm Central Time Monday through Thursday and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Thank you,

John Kyser

Executive Response Team

Devcon Security - Devcon Alarm Installation Caused Damages - They Refuse to Resolve


Devcon installed the alarm system I currently use in my home. Their Dallas based crew had NO IDEA what they were installing - this should have been the first clue to stop and not continue doing business with them. Not only did I learn more about the alarm system overnight than the installer knew - who was a certified industry professional - I had to make changes to the system to make it function correctly. THEIR INSTALLER CODE WAS THE DEFAULT 4321 OF THE SYSTEM!! Holy moly... Well time went by, I argued with them by phone and email about the functionality and expectation of the design only to find out they were full of it.

Over a year later I visit one of the bedrooms to find that the installer did not seal the window sensor correctly and NOW I HAVE WATER DAMAGE!! Also, I had them install magnetic sensor on my garage bay doors to secure that area. The installer incorrectly aligned one of the sensors and MY GARAGE DOOR IS BROKEN!

Move forward a little more and DEVCON SELLS MY ACCOUNT TO MONITRONICS. MONITRONICS could give a rats tail about me as they are just getting a recurring stream of revenue from my family. Customer service? No. Customer retention? Go talk with Devcon.

So I call and email Devcon. The DO NOT RETURN MY CALLS OR EMAILS. Instead, they sent me a CERTIFIED LETTER from their LEGAL DEPARTMENT effectively telling me to go pound sand.

No resolution and stuck in a contract for 1 more entire year. They all want me to come out of pocket for the repair expenses and feel this is perfectly acceptable.

My advise: Do NOT purchase equipment or services from these companies. They do NOT care about you and have no intentions of providing a high level of customer satisfaction.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Devcon Security - Constant calling re cancellation

Not resolved

I sold my home in Florida a year ago and rented it back. I had prepaid the security for a year. We were moving out and did not renew of course at the date of renewal. They sent multiple bills which I did not pay. They called constantly and wanted to know why we did not pay. We told them we sold the house and were moving out. Them they claimed the contract required us to notify them in writing

. We sent them a letter. They still called.

I have told them the simple act of not paying the renewal should be sufficient. My lawyer agrees, I'm building a new house in Naples . I will never use them and suggest you don't either.

They have called at least 50 times. Horrible service.

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Devcon Security - DEVCON are without good principles

Not resolved

DEVCON took over my alarm company, and so I got them to come and look over my system. They recommended new equipment, and so $3000 later they left and I thought all was ok.Later I had a disagreement with them about a small job they charged a lot of money for, and asked ADT ( another larger alarm company) to check out my system.ADT let me know that 40% of the alarm areas ( doors and windows) were not connected to the system, and that a bunch of wires were tucked away inside the alarm box and were not connected at all to the alarm system.I asked Devcon to put this right, and all they said is that it's my responsibility to check what they had done. I asked for my $3000 back and the charges since and they just said no.DO NOT HIRE DEVCON AT ALL.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Miami Beach, Florida, United States #1272071

Devcon are a disgrace to the reputation of the security industry

They should pack up and leave the work to people with a sense of community responsibly.

Nasty underhand practices and scams are all they know how to do!


My comments were an objective review of the subject not a subjective one!

Devcon Security - Quick to sign you up slow to fix a problem


Hello we signed up for the service and it was easy! The problem is when they set up our system they jimmy rigged one of the contacts.

It worked until we used our window. They called for our feedback on how the service was going and we let them know it wasn't working. They let us know they would have someone contact us right away. Three weeks later we are making a call to resolve.

40 minutes into the call now and no one has answered. So they have the sales department staffed but when you need help that is a different story.

Tech support apparently isn't important or is it the customer? By the way coming up on 45 minutes!

Monetary Loss: $120.

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Devcon Security - Lies


We went with Devcon because they said they were based in Orem Utah. They said they needed to set up payments with automatic monthly withdrawls from my checking account.

I told them I wanted monthly billing statement mailed to me. They said it would only be for one month and then the statements would be mailed. It did'nt happen. Then they sold my account to Monitronics, in Texas.

We had service with Monitronics in the past and did'nt like it and had trouble cancel the service.

What happened to honest people in this country? All they care about is the money!

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Devcon Security - Poor Business Practice

Not resolved

Beware!!! If your lease is over and your Devcon contract has time left, you are screwed!

Devcon will not take into consideration your accrued service time with them. They give you two options 1) renew at your new location for 3 more years, or 2) Pay a penalty for breach of contract. There sales people will not explain this to you. Keep in mind it won’t matter if you’re moving to a unit across your unit.

WoW!!! I am very disappointed with Devcon and their crude business practices.

There attitude is 3 more years or pay-up your remaining time, screw with your last 2 years of service with us.

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #621556

Oops... typo.

Our number is 877-DEVCON1. Sorry!!!


To uria33:

We're sorry that you weren't happy with our move policy... As a company, we usually will invest several hundreds of dollars into the equipment that is custom-installed to your home. In order to move to a new location and install more new equipment, we require an additional multi-year contract.

With that being said, there is some flexibility if you can assist in getting in touch with the new resident in your old location. If we can get then to either sign up for a new contract, or take-over your old contract, that gives us a lot more flexibility in what we can do with you, or current customer.

We want each of our customers to be happy, but the unique nature of our custom-installed systems requires us to have specific move policies to ensure we don't lose money on abandoned equipment.

Please feel free to call us again at 1-866-DEVCON1 if you have more questions.

Devcon Security - Payment Scam


We bought their service on an impulse. Found it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Cancelled within 3 days. (At that time was offered a much more competetive rate but cancelled anyway.) Was then billed for 3 months. Called and got the charges reversed. Confirmed that it was cancelled and was assured it was.

Just found that we have been charged for the past 4 months. Was told that someone in the cancellation department "dropped the ball" was assured we are now cancelled.

Credit forthcoming but with no interest. There should be a penalty charge for them taking our money.

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To Anonymous,

Our apologies for our team dropping the ball. This certainly wasn't intentional. If you'll please contact our social media team at, we can ensure that you get reimbursed the interest for our mistake.

-Devcon Security

Eugene, Oregon, United States #612038

common trick to earn some small interest on your money while they hold it especially since you did accept the services...

Not illegal but definately on the edge and you can sue in special circumstances....

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