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I have a comment I'd like to make on these posts. Several of you haven't even used the services of Devcon and it sounds as if you care very little for the idea of protecting your home using a home protection system.

Several of my close friends, a family member and I use the services of Devcon Security and have experienced only good things. I think that if you're going to write a trashy review about a company on a website designed to harbor ill feelings, you should have at least asked someone about the company who actually USES it. Ignorance marks our pages of history with bigotry and hate, I seriously doubt that a company in "these economic times" needs to tred through that to provide a service that many find quite desirable. Furthermore, most reputable companies don't get a possitive rating with the BBB for no reason.

I took the liberty to do additional research on the company and found that they currently have 38 complaints filed against them. So, 38 people who have actually used their services were upset for some reason. From the companny's website it appears that they currently have over 600,000 customers. When I spoke with a representative from the BBB he confirmed that this information was accurate.

You do the math, 38 dissatisfied customers compared to 600,000. Perhaps some of you had a poor experience with a salesman, we personally bought our system from a door to door salesman. Of course there's a pitch involved with selling a product- you experience the same concept when you walk into a grocery store to purchase a product at a discount rate; it's a sales tactic to get you to buy off the shelf. If you're not interested in protection by the means of a security alarm, don't take the pitch.

It appears to me that GE has a line of home protection equipment and that DEVCON is a licensed security dealer for GE, so the fact that a salesman would reference GE ought not to ruffle your feathers- the companies in that way are inseperable and affiliated. I'm a business owner and hate to hear complaints about a company based on these types of websites. I am even more disturbed when one of my customers sees that I've chosen to secure my own business with Devcon Security and makes the comment that they are a scam and that they read reviews on a website about the company's poor tactics. I thought I might venture to see what they were talking about.

If you've posted a review here or somewhere else do realize that you've done so with a website that banners under the name of "pissed consumer" or something else negative, which seems altogether unprofessional to me. I wonder what would happen if I google "positive reviews + Devcon Security." If anything is a scam it's these types of websites and the ignorance they incite. Bottom line is this: if you're going to write a review actually USE the service before writing the review and be level headed enough to verify your assumptions and claims. Businesses could do without websites that are poorly pieced together and fuming with a lack of knowledge.

And one more thing, if you're going to be audacious enough to post negativity about a company with which your dealings extend no further than the front door of your home, be bold enough to use your name. I find it appalling that someone would slander against a company from the hidden cloak of computer screen, especially when the actual consumers of that company are quite satisfied!

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Alief, Texas, United States #623296

I'm sorry but the comment about the guy with guns and getting broken into and not needing a security system is the epitome of an ignorant hillbilly. End of story.

All the guns in the world will not protect you're family if you're not there to shoot them or your valuables. Guess you don't understand why security systems exist. Needless to say Devcon isn't all that great...

Ill agree with that.

Minot, North Dakota, United States #582736

i dont need a home security system when im home i have enough guns and enough training to deal with any dumba$$ who wishes to come through my doors uninvited its when im gone and my family is home, two years ago i had a break in and my brother and I beat the would be robber to a pulp but if we werent there then what who knows what have happened to my wife my baby and my dog. this system is a joke i broke into my own home 5 times without setting the alarm off( it was armed away) for all you who dont believe me try it slip in a back door with no lock on it and see if the motion sets off


All that tried to spread the word of spraying perfume on a pig isn't a suitable substitute for a prom date should be ashamed. These people have such a love for their systems that they decided to flock to the internet to seek out complaints and then counter those complaints with undying love of a security system.

In sociological realms that screams "I own part of the company/Have been forced to write this review or lose my job". Good try, but the company is shady and the equipment is junk...I do feel bad for the salespeople who are doing this to try and make a living...


:zzz I am very happy with my new Devcon system even though i've only had it for 2 days. Both the salesman and installer were very professional.

I find this system to be better than any out there so far and cheaper. The system is wireless so no phone lines to get cut.

Its the best by far. Thanks Devcon


You are right, if the Devcon sales person hadn't misrepresented themselves as being from the "manufacturer" of the security system device here to upgrade my ADT to the new two-way system that my local police dispatch now requires, then maybe I would have a better outlook on company. One tends to get angry when they find out that they have signed a five year contract with a company who represented themself as being their current provider only to realize that they have been being charged by Devcon and ADT for the past three months! Yeah, i am glad to be a part of a company who cares so much about my well being and safety...


After contacting the CEO of Devcon and BBB complaint I received an apology for the abuse that the company put me through.

Over 80 calls in a two month span.

The reason I complained was so consumers would see from my example how corrupt this company is ... and yes I was a customer with Pinnacle for 40 months.


I was looking for the manager of Devcon in Plymouth MI and happened upon this site. I love your post Jaden. I have had Devcon for over a year and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DEVCON

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