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Whoever the sales rep is above, and most other sales reps are completely ignorant. I have been installing alarms for 5 years as a tech, not a sales rep who make *** look like gold to people.

I have worked for this company and it is the worst company. Pinnacle is now becoming devcon since they closed down most of the branches and laid off all the amazing techs that were doing this for a career. Now the local presence people have is some guy they hired locally who may or may not have experience installing. living in an apartment that is the office, driving his personal vehicle.

GE is the worst type of alarm system out there. I have so much faulty equipment. On several installs I was told by tech support to take th panel outside, and test and program with it outside since it wasn't working inside the home. Then when I'm done put it back inside and continue installing... So basically they had no working system. Mabe some people's alarms will work if they have the right signal strength, but all the customers I have personally installed that tested it, have cancelled because theyrecieve no phone call. They let the alarm go off for 7-15 min. Nothing....

Actually, devcon used to be a good company. Until pinnacle took them over, and yes they took them over and shut most of their 50 local branches with fleet vehicles down. Laid off the techs. And replace them with anyone they can find, pinnacles retention rate on techs is horrible.

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G2gsob's statements are actually fairly accurate. Though they are technically 2 separate companies in a partnership, they work in union under the same investment company of Golden Gate Capital.

Also, unless you happen to live in Florida, you are likely being serviced by an outside technician that is not part of Devcon, and may not even be part of Pinnacle, that is vastly inferior to the Devcon technicians that came from the now closed branches. This also made it harder to get techs out. Many times they would not show, and if they did the problem would not be fixed. Also, unless this has changed recently, they are not licensed to work on CCTV systems.

Sorry, but it really is Pinnacle using the Devcon name to push it's products and services.


Again, you really think its appropriate to vent about this?


Your only partly right. Devcon is still a separate company but has been reduced to a very few offices.

Pinnacle has taken over the rest. That's what I was meaning about pinnacle taking over. They laid off all devcons techs and employees in the 45-47 offices. Now like I said you get some random guy they hired using his own vehicle working out of his own house to service and install.

Basically pinnacle is using devcon as the face of their company because pinnacle has horrible reviews and lawsuits. It seems they hope it will make a difference so people won't see the pinnacle side, just the devcon side which your right has a A on the BBB. Do you know what pinnacle has? Did you bother to research that?

An F...

Also the BBB has its own problems.

Watch ABC news research on BBB. Basically they have given better grades to companies who pay for the membership.


This review is false, pinnacle did not take over devcon.... Devcon is still is own company....sounds like you just had a bad experience when the two companies partnered not merged or sold they are a partnership... devcon has an A+ on the bbb and is a great company


You really thought here was the best place for this?

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