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So we called to cancel less than 3 months into the contract only for them to say we were locked in for a 5 year contract. In the only sheet that we got it does not state that we were locked in at all.

Custumer Service is worse than Walmart's customer service. We called again later that month only to be transfered to Monitronics. We spoke to a guy there and said that our account had been cancelled. Two months later we are getting a call that we need to pay because our account is still active with Devcon.

They dont want to cancel the account and they never tell you that you are signing a 5 year contract and they dont give you that copy that says you sign for that time. Please read this review on time and do NOT get them as your alarm provider.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Spring, Texas, United States #784590

I completely agree!!! I signed up with Devcon and was told it was a 1 year contract, last year they sold to Monitronics, which has terrible service.

2-1/2 years later I am moving and I call them to cancel service and they are telling me it was a 3 year contract. My old account information is in storage so I need to verify that but it makes me mad. I would never have knowingly signed a contract for any service for 3 years - just not practical these days. I asked the guy at Monitronics if I could "buy-out" of my contract and he said no that I was stuck....

AND they will not stop monitoring the house until the contract expires - even though I sold the house and I have warned the new owners to NOT use Monitronics. I don't know how companies get away with this kind of ***-artist mentality.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #753288

I had the same type of experience with devcon/monitronics. I signed up while I lived in an apartment. When I moved to a house I called to have the alarm switched to my new residence. I was told that they could not do that and they would cancel my account. A few months later after switching alarm companies I noticed they were still billing me each month. I called back to figure out what was going on and was told they did not cancel my account and that it would be impossible to do that unless I wanted to pay the 3 remaining years upfront.

After arguing for an hour with the company and having them listen to the recordings of the their employee telling me I could not transfer my alarm and that my account was closed they agreed they would cancel my account.

6 months later I am looking over my bank account and notice a recurring charge from a company I had never heard of. After some research I realize that devcon had sold my canceled account to monitronics. 5 more phone calls and a few months later they finally agree to cancel my account and refund all my money.

This seemed to be more of a devcon problem than a monitronics problem. However, until the 3rd phone call monitronics was not sympathetic towards my predicament at all.

I would never use devcon again or recommend them to anyone.

Dallas, Texas, United States #587774

Thank you for your feedback. We would like to speak with you to discuss your experience and assist you with this issue. Please contact our Executive Response Team at 888-758-5900 from 8:00am-7:00pm Central Time.

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