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My 83 year old mother who was very satisfied with her ADT security system got an unwanted solicitation by these A$$ clowns, who proceeded to convince her that her 4 year old ADT system was out-dated and their company, DevCon, was the one to up-grade it for her at no added or extra cost.

Long story short: After installation no less than 4 service calls were made to correct problems with the installation, serveral areas were left un-monitored and it was practically impossible for my 83 year old mother to 'arm' the system.

Of course the un-monitored areas really didn't matter because the DevCon also failed to obtain the correct contact information from her, so even when alarming NO PHONE CALLS from DevCon were received and the POLICE WERE NEVER NOTIFIED!!!.

This happened twice and the third time MY MOTHER HAD TO DAIL 9-1-1 HERSELF, BECAUSE DEVCON FAILED TO DO SO!!!

As I am writing this complaint, my mother is having DEVCON equipment removed and placed into the trash where I'm pretty sure DevCon retrieved if from to begin with.

My mom is paying ADT $1,350 to completely remove anything related to DevCon Security.

For Home Monitoring , Glass Breakage, Fire and Life-line services at $31.00 per month and just the fact that she will no longer have to deal with the very unprofessional crew at DevCon is worth at least twice as much!!!!

I am preparing to take DevCon to small claims court in Michigan to retrieve any and all monies involved with this obvious SCAM OF A SO-CALLED SECURITY COMPANY!!!

I and all my friends, relations and co-workers will now avoid this company like the PLAGUE!!

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Jack Ennett

To DevCon Comment:

Thank-you for being concerned after the fact.

As I stated, all hardware involving DevCon Security was replaced with ADT equipment on 10/02/2012.

If DevCon could refund all the $ invested in faulty DevCon hardware and the 4 months of the non-existing 'Home Monitoring' fee, I feel my Mother would happily forget the whole incident.

If those terms aren't agreeable, the only other way this will be met with the satisfaction of both parties involved will be decided in a court of law.

Good day to you sir........

Jack Ennett

Get this:

The same day I posted the above complaint and my Mother refused to pay DevCon one more dime, DevCon suddenly obtained the correct contact information to begin harrassing phone calls to my 83 year old mother!!!

There is definetly going to be leagal action taken against this scam company now.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, who does business with this company after reading this is just asking for trouble. Only thing they are concerned with is the monthly payments the customer makes, certainly not the paying customer's security.

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