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Where to start? We contracted with Devcon with a service agreement on a CCTV system. We were told they set up our HOA system online to we could monitor not just the DVR but check the cameras 24/7. We called one day and requested a tech come check out the system because we couldn't access anything online as promised. Two months later, after repeated cancellations by Devcon we get a tech onsite only to be told our internet service was never set up with a Static IP address.

We obtain a static IP with Comcast and make the call to Devcon requesting a tech come out, set it up then provide the URL address for us. THREE MONTHS of calling, cancelled appointments, rude service personnel we hire an outside company to set up our CCTV system online then make the call to Devcon about cancelling the contract for lack of service.

Starting with the CEO on down the food chain we are finally provided a gentleman who pretty much told us we were out of luck. "It's not our fault you had someone else do the work". When I requested a check of the service calls and notes, what I read was complete fabrication as to how many times they tried to contact us to two notes saying the work was completed, TWICE!

A complete and total lie.

We were cancelled twice for non-payment only to find out after disputing the action it's discovered our payments had been applied to the wrong accounts ..... TWICE!

From rude customer service reps, to non-existent service, to equally non-existent mediation Devcon is one of the most inept companies I have ever dealt with.

Monetary Loss: $4400.

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Miami, Florida, United States #595639

Good try Random Curious guy, I'm guessing you are part of Devcon's PR team, the company sucks. I have heard stories from many employees.

I worked for Devcon once, they treat their employees as *** and don't give two *** about the customer. They don't offer any kind of retirement service plan for their employees claiming budget strains and then go on a failed expansion happy plan.

What a misery of a company. Totally unethical.


Sounds like you need to call up your internet service provider and aim your ignorant frustration on the right company.

to RandomCuriousGuy Boca Raton, Florida, United States #593474

Wow, never thought of that.

Or here's a crazy idea: Imaging being called in to set up a security system that required running a line from the modem to the DVR and not checking to see if it actually was connected to the net. I realize that Al Gore wasn't called in but Devcon is supposed to be the best in the business if you read their web page.

Additionally when you quit calling their customer service line because no one can spell DVR at Devcon and contact the CEO suddenly there's a flurry of activity.

One of which was to declare the problem was resolved. TWICE!

No it wasn't. Not even once.

So shove your ignorant statement where no IP can find it.



I am sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience with us. If I or Devcon Security can help make things right for you, please send your information to I would be happy to help resolve any additional concerns you may have.

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