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A lady came to our door tonight. She could not stick to one story.

First she was from WA, then she was from OK, then she was an officer of the court then she was a part time marketing rep for Devcon. When asked if she was contracted to sale for them, she became very offended. She gave her sales pitch "phone lines cut in the neighborhood" "Lock in rate" "No installment fee" however you do have to pay a 99.00 activation fee. (Of course go on the website and you will see that they have a 99.00 insallment they are just calling it something else when they go door to door.) We liked everything she was telling us until we get to the part that we want to see a contract and read it before we make a decision.

She refused to let us see one or read one telling us that we would be able to talk to someone from Devcon on the phone and they would record our conversation telling us our terms. NO CAN DO CUPCAKE...we want to see in writing what we are signing up for. She refused telling us that she has never had anyone not take advantage of what she is offering. She got very rude with us and was very pushy with her sales.

We do NOT pressure into things and I think she was surprised. We asked for a business card and she did not have any to give us. We asked for a phone number and still nothing. We told her we needed to see something before we entertain the idea to switch from our current security to Devcon and she said, "I am only in this area today." Then she got in a car with several other salespersons and off they went.

WE will NEVER purchase this way. If you are legit, you will not have an issue showing us your terms.

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A young man from DEVON Security just left my home. Gave the quick and dirty sales pitch with iPad in tow ...

matches what others have said: in the neighborhood, no phone, no business cards, security cameras; you may have seen our sign in yards, etc.

No sooner than I closed the door, and Googled and found these statements. It's business cards--REALLY????


I cannot believe you acutally get on here and write reviews about yourself "Conspiracy Theorist". The person "Conspiracy Theorist" is the person that came to our door.

Telling us all the crud about a sherrif having this very system...AND YOUR POINT?! I never said the system is not good...I said your method to get us to sign is NOT GOOD. You want us to give you our personal info. BEFORE you will let us look at the terms of the contract!?

That is CRAZY. Perhaps next time you will allow a potential customer to check out everything before getting so defensive and rude. It sure speaks volumes that you are even on this site...I guess getting bad reviews is nothing new to you or the company from what I am reading on all other compaints. Like the person stated above...TOTALLY YOUR LOSS, "Conspiracy Theorist" You might be used to this kind of behavior in WA but it does not float here!

Perhaps you need more training, but if this is how all of Devcon handles customers, NO THANKS! It will NEVER be a sell for us.


THAT is so funny. The very girl that comes to our door gets on this page to try to save herself.

(for those who have not guessed yet...the person that posted about the girl being from WA is the very one that came t our door.)LOLOLOLOLOL! No can do! I do not think it is my loss since I am NOT the one getting paid to sell. You want us to trust YOU with our DOB and Names so you can do some sort of "check" before you will allow us to see terms?!

YOU ARE NUTS! What kind of fools do you think we are?!!!! I dont care what mickey mouse people you sell to, that does not float with us! Show us the proof and we will be happy to entertain the idea of switching our current alarm company.

Until then, not gonna happen. So, I do believe this is YOUR LOSS!


Oh by the way, the rep probably said she was from WA, but staying in OK because the company pays for apartments for their summer promo-system reps, where this company and others like it such as Platinum, Vivint, etc. give away FREE equipment, which normally would be obtained by paying full retail.

This is a classic case of user-error and potential customer misinterpretation, thinking they outsmarted people who were simply trying to hook them up with sweet security systems, which have been installed and caught people throughout multiple summers in the area. The Tulsa Sheriff even has one in his home, so that pretty much puts to rest your weak argument that this is a scam. I'm sure scammers would target the SHERIFF, as a customer, right?

Wrong. Your loss.


All you people on here who think you "caught" these people have only tricked yourselves, because the fact of the matter is this company is legit, the phone line systems are obsolete *** that can be disabled with a 90 cent screwdriver, and you have really not caught anyone doing anything unethical. Your loss I guess, stick with your crappy phone line system, or better yet be unprotected, because Tulsa IS a crime-ridden cesspit, with more break-ins than you can fathom. I've been installing alarms in the area in homes that would be in the price range of 200,000K+ that according to the home-owners have been "shot at."

I know it's a tumultuous world we live in, with everyone trying to rip each other off and take advantage of each other, but in this case you are flat out mistaken. Devcon has an A+ BBB rating, which is not obtained by scamming old ladies and so on.

You are awarded 0 points, and may god have mercy on your souls. Instillation and activation fees are two entirely different words and things altogether. Way to thwart nothing, you vigilantes, lmfao.


they must be out in full force! a guy came to my house EVERYDAY after we told them we would discuss it and contact them IF we were interested!

On Tuesday, we said we would discuss it and if we are interested he could come by Friday so we can see paperwork about what we would pay and such..He popped up yesterday*Wendesday* saying he was in the neighborhood and saw my hubby get out of the vehicle..which was a lie b/c hubby was asleep...anyhow, he started with the Same game..Talking fast and scrolling through his ipad telling us about cut phone lines, everybody's switching, blah blah...Then I again asked for a card...asked for his phone #..negative..I told him i had to leave for church and he asked what time I would return. I said I was unsure. He said someone would come back around 9 PM to install and if i didn't like it I could call back in 3 days to remove and get my $ back. Um, no again buddy!

I talk all purchases over with my hubby .HE then suggested I wake him. I declined so he said he would..I wish you would...anyhow.

After coming home from church, I look to the side of the road and here he is sitting waiting on us to drive by..Hubby beat me home from service so when i pulled up and told him, he got in his car to go let him know not to come around again..He hasn't been by but I saw him walking the neighborhood down the street...this guy is relentless. If this company wants anybody's business, I would recommend better tactics...starting with CARDS AND A PHONE NUMBER!!

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