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This company is extremely shady & completely took advantage of a 85 yr old woman! A Devcon saleman (if you can call him that --- shyster is more like it!) approached her in her yard and talked her into a security system.

It was her understanding that he was 'up grading' her current system. She thought he was with the personal emergency response company she was using. Within minutes an installer shows up & installs a unit including cutting a major hole in her wall. Once she realized that the salesman she talked to was not from the company she had been doing business with 3 years, she attempted to cancel.

Once she got the cancellation dept, the man she spoke to basically strong armed her with EVERY sales tactic possible. Then the original salesman called her & harassed her as well. Asking her, "don't you want to be safe"?


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My parents are elderly and have devcon security in their home. They recently had adt for 10 years.

Before getting devcon services they attempted to upgrade their old alarm to something more modern. Adt quoted them 600 dollars to upgrade it after ten loyal years of service! Unable to pay this kind of money, devcon reps showed up to their home and offered to upgrade it for 99 dollars. They agreed and have had it now for 3 months.

Adt was also charging my parents an extra 29.99 a month for their version of life alert called companion services i believe.

Devcon also known as pinnacle security i believe bundled that serice with their alarm system and is now charging them 50$ a month instead of 90$ a month they were paying total with adt. U stay strong devcon/pinnacle security and continue to help protect homes regardless of these alligations...

to Petersmith Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #669965

i had this guy from devcon, pinnacle security, front point they all work for golden gate capital, they also have been busted for selling meth and even sexually harrasing female who dont purchase their things! i read a story on craigslist that talked about how one guy basically beat up a lady in front of her two kids because she threaten to call the cops i guess the guys name is dee maglebee...wich makes sense cus the guy i met his name was something maglebee, its probably a bunch of sick mormons conning the *** out of people. :cry


They came to my home and said they had an appointment with us that we never set up and went on to say that kids are breaking into homes and cutting the phone lines so the police can't be called but we are on the neighborhood watch and know everything that happens in our neighborhood and is just not true. And further more they didn't even have a permit to solicit in the first place; I am sure there are happy customers just sayin


On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, a representative of Devcon came to my door to sell me the Devcon Security system. I informed him that my sons thought it would be a good idea for me to have a security system at my advanced age of 81.

However, I told him I was looking at another security company, and was not interested in Devcon. He became rather pushy, insisting on coming into my house to sell me his product. I had to slam my door on him to get him to leave. This same young man returned to my house on Thursday, July 19, 2012, and proceeded to tell me that the neighbors at the end of my block sent him again to my house because I was all alone, and needed a security system.

He also stated that those same neighbors were worried because there had been break-ins at the end of the street. I live in a townhouse community of 130 homes (four homes attached). We have a neighborhood watch, and meet on a monthly basis regarding all things important to our neighborhood. I inquired on Friday, July 20, at our neighborhood meeting, and no neighbor sent this man to my house.

Also, I am one of the original residents of this community, which has existed for 20 years. Amazingly, this is a very safe neighborhood, and there has never been any trouble, break-ins, etc., in our neighborhood. I checked out these statistics with one of my sons who is a Sergeant on our local police force. After experiencing the shady practices of a representative of Devcon, I wouldn't trust them for anything, let alone my security.

If this is the way Devcon teaches their sales people to make a sale, it is immoral and ethical.

I announced to all who attended our neighborhood watch meeting about the poor business practice, and lies their sales people will tell, just to make a sale. Since I know almost everyone in this community, I doubt anybody will buy security from Devcon.


A clean-cut, young man came to my door Tuesday evening, 7-17-12. When I answered the door, he said I have an appointment with you at 8:00 pm.

I said, "No you don't!" To which he replied, I made an appointment with the homeowner. I said, "I doubt that!" I am the homeonwer. He said, "Yes, I'm from GE, and I'm here to install a new digital keypad for your security system. I have ADT security (an ADT sign is next to my front door), and know, for a fact, that ADT never solicits at the door, and always contacts you through a letter if there is going to be any changes to your security system.

He was extremely insistent on getting into my house. This tactic may work with others, but pushy is not the way to get anything from me. He never identified himself as a representative of Devcon, but proceeded next door where they don't have a security system, and announced he was from Devcon. I've been a businesswoman for more than 30 years, and this is not good business practice.

Lying, and using strong arm tactics, is poor business. Period! I contacted my township supervisor the following day, only to be told that Devcon was refused a permit to do business in our township.

This is very shady behavior for any business, and could be considered unlawful. I don't how they received the rating they did from the Better Business Bureau, but nothing this young man did or said is ethical, and I will never do business with a company that resorts to unethical practices!


I don't understand how the company was dishonest. And I doubt they set her up within minutes!

It is unfortunate that she didn't understand what was going on however, It probably isn't such a bad idea to get her some protection. The company is good and has a good product.

It is reasonably priced and they give a lot more equipment then other company's. All companies have similar things and all the equipment is made by GE..Im just saying maybe you over reacted by writing this post don't you think?


I have Devcon and they are one of the best companies also they are the ONLY company accredited by the BBB so don't be mad you don't see the value in protecting your family


Why are you getting into other peoples business? Devcon is an awesome company and too bad the old lady didn't stick with them. You didn't do business with them so please keep your opinion to yourself

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