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A young man banged on my door, gave me sone story about upgrades to my ADT systme because criminals have been "cutting wires" to old ADT systems, htat GE knows how to fix the problem. As soon as he said"GE" my ears perked up.

I asked if he worked for ADT and he became evasive,said "No" but that he could upgrade my system for free, while ADT would charge me; that i am one of the "special" group on my street he is offering this to, etc. He became VERY defensive, laid the "pity" attitude. I told him to leave , and not touch any wires. He asked, "What wires?" I told him, "The ones you claim local criminals are cutting!" haha, he forgot his own scam line!



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People actually are cutting phone lines. Updates are expensive.

Lol the guy told you no yet hes being invasive? Scam line? Your retarded. I hope someone does actually cut your phone line for being ***.

How are you ok with having a phone line based system in which the phone lines can actually be cut. You know why your company hasnt told you about it? Because they dont care about you until its time for your contract up so they can resign you with updates that make real sense. Your dumb.

Next tmie a door to door guy comes with a badge listen to everything to see if it actually makese sense. Dont be a *** :grin


same thing...they flash the ge box image and tell you kids have been stealing them. So, you want to sell me something, but you have no business card no brochure to hand out.

I am paranoid, but you have to be paranoid when it comes to your safety and security. Anyone that buys a system from some door to door salesmen that doesnt have a contact card needs to learn how to tell people to GTFO.


I was delivered the same spiel. When I asked for a brochure or his business card he claimed that he had left them in the car.

I told him I could wait until he could go to his car and he quickly changed the subject stated that he could bring me stuff the next day. He kept pressing the point that they werre going to install everything at no cost and that we were to display their sign but not to tell anyone the price thta we paid.

I have doen some research and have found multiple complaints with the BBB and on other websites. So beware of this scam!


It's called the home phone line, and criminals are cutting them.


First of all you said he was evasive ? But he flat out told you "No." ??? 


 Most people don't realize that 80 percent of alarm accounts are sold by a door to door salemen. You may have come across a rep that is in his first year and trying to make a living. Furthermore it doesn't take a genius to figure out how to disable an alarm system maybe he was giving a good deal?  have contacted ADT about their cell technology ???

Pricey. A lot of current alarm customers dont even realize when they change phone companies or bundle with the new digital phones that their alarm won't work.

Hence the reason home owner insurance companies are starting to require the customer has cell service. Maybe instead of getting off on telling a door to door salesman to kick rocks do a little research while he's there.

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