Devcon installed the alarm system I currently use in my home. Their Dallas based crew had NO IDEA what they were installing - this should have been the first clue to stop and not continue doing business with them. Not only did I learn more about the alarm system overnight than the installer knew - who was a certified industry professional - I had to make changes to the system to make it function correctly. THEIR INSTALLER CODE WAS THE DEFAULT 4321 OF THE SYSTEM!! Holy moly... Well time went by, I argued with them by phone and email about the functionality and expectation of the design only to find out they were full of it.

Over a year later I visit one of the bedrooms to find that the installer did not seal the window sensor correctly and NOW I HAVE WATER DAMAGE!! Also, I had them install magnetic sensor on my garage bay doors to secure that area. The installer incorrectly aligned one of the sensors and MY GARAGE DOOR IS BROKEN!

Move forward a little more and DEVCON SELLS MY ACCOUNT TO MONITRONICS. MONITRONICS could give a rats tail about me as they are just getting a recurring stream of revenue from my family. Customer service? No. Customer retention? Go talk with Devcon.

So I call and email Devcon. The DO NOT RETURN MY CALLS OR EMAILS. Instead, they sent me a CERTIFIED LETTER from their LEGAL DEPARTMENT effectively telling me to go pound sand.

No resolution and stuck in a contract for 1 more entire year. They all want me to come out of pocket for the repair expenses and feel this is perfectly acceptable.

My advise: Do NOT purchase equipment or services from these companies. They do NOT care about you and have no intentions of providing a high level of customer satisfaction.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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